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Two Days and A Wake Up August 24, 2007

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Two days and a Wake Up until I leave for Germany, or the University of Reutlingen to be precise. I guess you could argue that it is actually 3 days but the whole “and a wake up” is an old Marine Corps trick to make you think that the day you are waiting for is actually closer than it is. Try it for your Christmas countdown this year and you’ll be converted. Anyways for those of you not in the “Know” I will be spending this fall attending the University of Reutlingen which of all places is located in the city of Reutlingen about 20 miles away from Stuttgart. Reutlingen is one of the premier business universities in all the German speaking countries so I guess I am pretty lucky to be able to be attending school there. After this semester is over, I will hopefully have an internship for the spring in Germany and then be returning to the States to finally graduate in the Fall semester of 2008.

I say finally graduate because it has been almost 6 years since I started going back to school and this is the last thing that I have to do to graduate. I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about my trip, only because it is something that I have been working hard towards for the last few years and the thought of me not liking being there is scary. However, I keep telling myself that me being by my myself living in a foreign land is nothing that I haven’t done before. I mean seriously whats the worse that could happen? I decide that I love it so much that won’t want to come back, open my own bar and marry my St. Pauli’s Girl and have lots of kids? Not so bad once I put it that way is it?


Anyways, I am going to try to keep this thing updated every few weeks or whenever I go somewhere new or have a “National Lampoon European Vacation” type story (just call me Clark Grizwald). I haven’t decided how I am going to post pictures yet, but once I do, rest assured there will be the “grandma” approved pictures and then all the other ones. Feel free to leave me comments and any suggestions you might have for me while I am there. As my tag line says “One Flashlight, A Passport, and Two Credit Cards, What could Go Wrong?” I know I am ready for Europe but is Europe ready for me?


4 Responses to “Two Days and A Wake Up”

  1. Sheena Says:

    No Josh, Europe is not ready for you. I attempted to prep Germany and BW for your arrival, so hopefully they are ready for you. I fully expect a postcard, pictures, and you to drink a Mass for me 🙂

  2. Aunt Lee Says:

    Hey Josh,

    May your doubts turn into dreams. Go get em.

  3. Ashley E. Says:

    Hallo Herr Green,

    Wie gehts? I know your going to have an awesome time, I’m excited to see your postings. Germany should definitely be preparing for your arrival…and remember, if they don’t except you, just tell them your name is Ernsberger =)Ich hoffe, dass Sie eine überwältigende Zeit haben. Auf Wiedersehen.


  4. mom Says:

    Well son, a wakeup and your on your way into the next phase of your lifes journey. Your foundation is sound, give em your killer smile, award-winning personality,and do your thing. Wrap protection around you every morning and you’ll do just fine. Remember, trust your intuition. It won’t let you fail. You take a piece of my heart with you…mom

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