My European (mis)Adventures

One Flash Light, A Passport, and Two Credit Cards, How much trouble can I get into?

Missoula to Stuttgart August 31, 2007

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      My trip to Stuttgart started off rather benign, my last “American” style breakfast for a while, then a trip to the airport. I knew I was in trouble when I got to my first plane out of MissoulaFor starters, the cabin ceiling was only 6’1 that poses a problem since I am 6’2. I begrudgingly stooped over and waddlde my way back to my seat; luckily I had an isle seat.  Ok, so I can deal with the ceiling height since I will be sitting down for an hour and not standing then this burly bear of a man squeezes into the seat next to me. We chatted for a while and he seemed like a nice person but not nice enough not to snore and rest his arm on me accidentally when he fell asleep. For about 30 mins I felt like I was being molested by a bear, not that I know what that really feels like. 

  Finally make it to Denver and I am bored/hungry so I belly up to the bar and order a Glenlevit on the rocks and some lunch. Ohh the sweet sweet nectar was just what the doctor ordered. Over a few more drinks I began talking to a newlywed couple that was sitting next to me who were on their way to France for their honeymoon.  I had to laugh to myself remembering my last trip to Europe with a girlfriend and how I wished that I could have traded her in mid trip for an Italian beauty. Anyways, since our flight had been delayed by 30 mins I pay my tab and I cruise around the airport.  At the original time I was supposed to leave I wander back to my gate thinking that since my flight was delayed they would board later.  Oh how wrong I was, just as I walk up I notice that there is no one at the gate.  I didn’t panic but that was more than likely due to the Glenlevit and Irish coffee’s I was drinking.  Then I hear my name being called and I wander over to the ticket desk and they look at me, I look right back at them like I am being inconvenienced by the page and they tell me they are waiting for me so the plane can depart. I think to myself “what the hell the plane doesn’t leave for another 30 minutes” So I meander down to the plane, and begin to walk to my to my seat.  Everyone was looking at me like I was a giant douche bag for being late, not to mention my seat was in the last row of airplane. I sit down, get situated and have to wait 30 minutes before the plane leaves. 

Let me just say that Airbus aircraft suck, I say this because last year when I flew on a Boeing 777 to Europe, everyone had their own personal screens in front of them with a remote control and had the choice as to what they could watch, hell we could even play video games. Not this time sparky, I was forced to watch cartoons, and then they showed some crappy French children’s movie.  The worst part of this was that the control box for the entertainment center was under the seat in front of me and this reduced my leg room and I had a hell of a time getting comfortable, what a pain in the ass. To top it off, I didn’t watch any of the movies, I just read my book. I hate you Airbus Corporation of FranceWe made good time because of a tail wind and land in Frankfurt 8.5 hours later.  I make it though customs and go off to wait for my next flight which changes gates like three times.  I had a 3 hour layover for a 20 minute flight to Stuttgartneedless to say, I am still not sure how that works out. Oh and it was on a Boeing 727, I always thought airlines always operated the same make of aircraft, get your act together Lufthansa.  Bloody Savages…….


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