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It’s Snowing November 15, 2007

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That’s right I said it, it’s snowing, I have to admit that I was a little confused when it started seeing how its been about 10 years since I have seen snow. It started yesterday afternoon and has been steady since then. As my friend from South Africa told me this morning, ” I wish people would quit bitching about the snow, I love it!” and my response was, “we’ll see how much you love it after you slip on some ice” Which is what almost happened to me on what I have begun calling “the stairs of death”. Those would be the stairs leading from our dorm building up to our way to campus or was the case last night leading home from the bar under our dorm. All i know is that I am happy that the internet is finally working so I can get some work done(procrastinate)! I am convinced that when the weather is good, they slow it down so that people will get out and enjoy the weather and speed it up so we don’t get cabin fever and start going crazy. I have spent this last week working on sending out some applications to consulting firms in München to try to get an internship. No word yet on if they like me or not. but the way I figure it is that it is a numbers game so I need to send out about 20 more before I get a yes. The worst thing about the whole ordeal is that it is a pain in the ass trying to find English equivalents for the required documents but I have a few friends helping me with the translations and what not.

School is going great, except that everyone is working at a fast pace to get all the group final projects done before the winter break which is Dec. 20th. It does not help matters that the library is only open until 8pm. I mean seriously, where am I supposed to go to get away from my distractions in the evening to cram for exams and pull all nighters to get papers done without disturbing my roommate? My days seem to be filled with sorting out the 50 emails a day I get from faculty and staff and half of those are the same email from different people. These things are seriously pissing me off and when I get like this I begin to wonder how legitimate their claim of being the best Business School is! not to mention what it must be like to go to one of the bottom tiered business schools. This weekend we are taking a trip to Frieberg which is in the Black Forrest to see the sights and what not, it should make for some interesting photos since i think they are getting hammered with snow and not to mention an interesting ride down the autobahn on a tour bus! So I am going back to get some work done and by work I mean stare out the window at the falling snow while drinking tee (I gave up coffee well almost a cup every few days) or maybe i should trek into town and get some snowshoes because I think I might need them if this keeps up!


I Heart Munich November 6, 2007

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 I know I have been slacking at keeping this thing updated but I find myself being increasingly busy as the weeks go on and I forget to do this.  This weekend we had a 4 day weekend because of All Saints Day on the 1st of November so some friends and I decided to go to Munich for the weekend.  I don’t think that this will come as a surprise to anyone who knows me well but I LOVE Munich, I guess you sort of have to have been there 3 times in the last 2 years.  I don’t know what it is about the city but it has this amazing vibe, it can be a big bustling city with 1.3 million people where you can get lost in the crowds or sometimes it feels like you are actually part of the city and not a faceless number. Walking around on Thursday when we got there I started seeing things that I recognized and remembering where stuff was at witch is a feat if you have heard my stories about Munich and the world Cup last year. I will start off by saying that I grew my beard this weekend, for no particular reason besides my face has been getting cold and it is easier and less scary to grow a beard than wear a full blown ski mask. (I might imagine that some of you might disagree with this) anyways I think that the Bavarians appreciate a good beard because every where I went by myself everyone would not slip into their default English which they normally do when they suspect someone of being American but spoke German with me and I must admit I held my own pretty well until they busted out the hard core dialect. Need I say more?  In fact I spent Friday by myself exploring the things that I hadn’t seen yet while my friends when up to Dachau to visit the work camp.  During my adventure on Friday I spoke nothing but German until I ran into some American girls on the Subway who were looking pretty lost and I helped them out and gave them some good tips. Who would have thought that I could be a tour guide?  On Friday I went to Schloss Nymphenburg witch was the summer palace for the ruling family of Bavaria.  How can you have a summer palace in the city you ask? Well at the time it was built it was no where near the city center and was suitable for a nice summer retreat.  On the grounds of the palace, there is a hunting palace for the queen who boasts a kitchen entirely covered in Delft tiles and Botanical Gardens. In addition to these features, Mozart was said to have played piano for the King as a child in this palace and it also houses the entire royal carriage and sleigh collection.   For lunch I grabbed the traditional Bavarian Weiss Würst and an Augustiner Lager, the perfect thing to warm a chilly body.  Later that night we met up with a friend of mine who goes to SDSU who has been interning in Munich for the last 9 months. We ended up having cocktails at this lounge that overlooked Marienplatz and gave a great view of the glockenspiel which is housed in the clock tower of the Neue Rathaus.  This was a great time catching up but we had a 6 am train to catch to take us down to the Bavarian Alps near the town of Fussen so we could go tour Neuschwanstein. 

          Neuschwanstein is the fairytale castle build by King Ludwig II of Bavaria and it was also the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty’s castle.  Ludwig II is often thought of as the “Mad King” of Bavaria and it a misconception that he bankrupted Bavaria by building lavish castles like this one but he actually used personal money and not the State’s to finance these projects.  Ludwig II was a romantic and identified with the period of romanticism in art which in it’s self is why all of the art displayed in the castle is in the Romanticist style.  Another person that he drew inspiration from was the composer Richard Wagner, whom it is believed that he built this castle for so he could hear Wagner play in it.  The castle took 17 years to build and only 7 rooms or about 1/3 was complete before Ludwig II died.  No one knows how he died but what is known is that he was found floating in a lake.  The best part of the tour had to have been our tour guide, he sounded exactly like The Govenator, it was hilarious. The most annoying part was that we waited 2 hours, took a 2 hour train ride and only got a 35minute tour which wasn’t all that detailed oh and by the way, you can’t take pictures once inside the castle. I am assuming this is not to protect the art but because if everybody stopped to take pictures than it would take forever to get groups through.  So I guess it makes sense, you might be asking yourself if it is worth it? And the answer is unequivocally yes, the views of the castle and the surrounding areas are totally worth it, not to mention appfelstrudel  with vanilla custard for breakfast and the dude jamming out to Slip Knot while preparing my curry würst for lunch.

          Saturday evening was the highlight of the trip, it for ever will be known for ever as “Indiana Jones and the search for the perfect cocktail”  It started off at this fantastic burger place called M.C. Muller’s, it was a nice cozy place with the feel of a lounge, one of the best burgers I have had here so far. In the corner was a DJ spinning while we ate and drank but here is the problem, the cocktails were horrible, I ordered a martini, witch came to me with no olive and waaaayyyyy to much vermouth, but like a champ I finished it and had a beer with my dinner.  Craving a good cocktail we walked down MarienStrasse and ended up in this place called Roxy, again it was a crowded night and the atmosphere was bumping.  The girls I was with got a proseco and blue caracus cocktail and I went for a Long Island Ice-Tee, once again horrible, garnished with a lime which made it taste even worse.  I think I figured out the problem though, they don’t use Sour Mix to give it that nice sweet and sour taste, I am thinking this is because they make them to suit European tastes.  So the consequences was that the third time must be the charm so we set out to find this bar called Pusser’s which was recommended to me by some old bar regulars of mine who were German and happened to know the owners.  I figured that they advertised themselves as a New York style bar so they must make good cocktails.  Incidentally last summer my friends and I tried to find this place and we couldn’t, it turns out that we kept missing it by one street and kept walking around in a circle.  Anyways, we go walking in and we hear the live piano playing downstairs, grab a seat at a table in the corner and take it all in. It was a very cozy atmosphere decorated in a nautical theme as homage to their name.  The bartender wore a tie and actually used a seltzer bottle when making some drinks totally old school!  The specialty of the house was a drink called the PUSSERS PAIN KILLER and it came in three different strengths depending on how bad of a day you had.  I have to say that this was the best cocktail we had all night, just perfectly made.  After the second one I started thinking about trying to transfer to The University of Munich and working there!

          Everything in Germany is closed on Sundays except for museums and you can usually get discounted admissions.  We went up to the BMW museum before we left and in all honestly it was a disappointment because they had just a small section open because they were renovating the museum. Instead we went to BMW world which displays all the newest models and features of these cars.  The most interesting thing I saw was a BMW motorcycle that has an in-line 4 cyl. Engine, 160 hp and goes 0-60 in 2,9 seconds. Totally legal here in Germany!  The second interesting thing was the Hydrogen Concept Car which they are putting in the body of a 7 Series.  Currently the motor is both petroleum and Hydrogen but they have been working on a motor that will pump hydrogen directly into the motor during the combustion cycle, amazing right? 

 Munich’s tourist slogan is Munich Loves You and you know what? I love Munich also!