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It’s Snowing November 15, 2007

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That’s right I said it, it’s snowing, I have to admit that I was a little confused when it started seeing how its been about 10 years since I have seen snow. It started yesterday afternoon and has been steady since then. As my friend from South Africa told me this morning, ” I wish people would quit bitching about the snow, I love it!” and my response was, “we’ll see how much you love it after you slip on some ice” Which is what almost happened to me on what I have begun calling “the stairs of death”. Those would be the stairs leading from our dorm building up to our way to campus or was the case last night leading home from the bar under our dorm. All i know is that I am happy that the internet is finally working so I can get some work done(procrastinate)! I am convinced that when the weather is good, they slow it down so that people will get out and enjoy the weather and speed it up so we don’t get cabin fever and start going crazy. I have spent this last week working on sending out some applications to consulting firms in München to try to get an internship. No word yet on if they like me or not. but the way I figure it is that it is a numbers game so I need to send out about 20 more before I get a yes. The worst thing about the whole ordeal is that it is a pain in the ass trying to find English equivalents for the required documents but I have a few friends helping me with the translations and what not.

School is going great, except that everyone is working at a fast pace to get all the group final projects done before the winter break which is Dec. 20th. It does not help matters that the library is only open until 8pm. I mean seriously, where am I supposed to go to get away from my distractions in the evening to cram for exams and pull all nighters to get papers done without disturbing my roommate? My days seem to be filled with sorting out the 50 emails a day I get from faculty and staff and half of those are the same email from different people. These things are seriously pissing me off and when I get like this I begin to wonder how legitimate their claim of being the best Business School is! not to mention what it must be like to go to one of the bottom tiered business schools. This weekend we are taking a trip to Frieberg which is in the Black Forrest to see the sights and what not, it should make for some interesting photos since i think they are getting hammered with snow and not to mention an interesting ride down the autobahn on a tour bus! So I am going back to get some work done and by work I mean stare out the window at the falling snow while drinking tee (I gave up coffee well almost a cup every few days) or maybe i should trek into town and get some snowshoes because I think I might need them if this keeps up!


One Response to “It’s Snowing”

  1. Dad Says:

    Well, your car is enjoying the snow also…

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