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One Flash Light, A Passport, and Two Credit Cards, How much trouble can I get into?

Czech me out December 10, 2007

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Prague, Praha, call it what you will, all I know is that I love it. People often describe some cities as “having something for everyone” believe me, Prague really does. You can just about do anything you want there, you just have to ask someone to figure out if it is feasible and then do it. In a city where anything goes and debauchery lies around every corner, there is also a very sophisticated and cultured side to Prague, it just happens to be on opposite corners of the aforementioned debauchery. Here you can watch classical music concerts in lavish baroque palaces and even trace the steps of Kafka, Prague’s favorite son.

Being my second time in Prague I thought that I had a good grasp of the city, but apparently the last time I was there we had just scratched the surface. I would like to say that the trip there was uneventful but that was not the case. My friends and I had gathered on Wednesday to talk about our upcoming trip, the conversation soon became an early apology for the prospect of farting on the plane on Thursday. To which I responded, “What are you talking about we are leaving Friday”? You could hear a pin drop; they all looked at me and in unison said “I thought we all had the same flight, what are you talking about”? The conversation loosely followed like this:

Me: What do you mean?
Bro we are leaving Thursday!
Quit screwing around, I had planned to study all day tomorrow before we left.
(Laughing) Lets check and you can study on the flight.
(5 minutes Later) My bad guys. If this is how the trip is going to start, one of us might  not be coming home, good thing we have repatriation insurance

We arrive at our hotel after a 45 minute flight (about the same amount of time it takes to fly to Las Vegas from San Diego) and are met by our driver who takes us to our hotel. The room we got was more like a two bedroom apartment with a huge proper shower and a bidet (more on this later) after dibs were called on the beds we went out for round one of sight seeing. Our hotel was about a 15 minute walk to city center in afternoons and late at night it sure felt like 1 hour, which I am pretty sure it was a couple of times. Anyways after the first day of getting acclimated to the city we decided to grab something to eat before we went out for the evening. We figured that we would eat close to our hotel since it would be a little cheaper than down in the city center. We picked this place to eat that was running a deal of soup (it was ridiculously good) goulash (rabbit, duck, or beef) a salad, and a beer for 110 Kroner. For reference, 17.48 Kroner equal one dollar and 25 Kroner equates to 1€. Super cheap and super good. We stop by the grocery store to pick up a case of beer to take to our room. The lady behind the counter tried to explain to us that there was a deposit of 100 Krowns on the crate, except when she did it, she tried to enlist the help of this lady behind us thinking that her English was better but it wasn’t so after 2 minutes of hand motions and broken English mixed with Czech. We responded in German that we understood and left. They looked super confused and didn’t know what to say and it was almost as awkward as the night receptionist gave us as we went walking past her desk with a crate of beer. We were supposed to have a refrigerator in our room but dammed if we could find it to being the bright college students we took matters into our own hands and in a stroke of genius that MacGyver would have been proud of we lined out entire case of beer between our double pained windows. I’ve pretty much decided that I want double pained windows in my next house. Later that evening we ventured out into the night and I surprised my self by being able to find my favorite bars with out much trouble (we referred to this as ‘Beer Fest’ syndrome) some 6 hours later, we returned home and wouldn’t you know it, I broke my bed while sitting on it eating a snack, but I didn’t drop my cookie, that would have totally ruined my night.

The next night we went to a caveman dinner show. That’s right, I said it, caveman. Basically it was like Medieval times except everyone was dressed like cavemen so was the décor, no silverware, and we drank our beers out of stone bowls. Our waitress? When speaking to us, would pretty much grunt while mixing some Czech. Into it. The dinner show included a drum circle, the sacrifice of a virgin (although we all doubt she really was) and the chief peeing on someone. Bizarre and highly amusing one of the highlights of the trip although my description here does not do it justice. After dinner we all decided to a lounge and Czech it out.( I am actually bummed I didn’t buy the T-shirt that said “Czech me out”) The lounge was beautiful, full of beautiful people and good music that is until someone decided to play half of the Greece soundtrack back to back. The Girls there didn’t speak English so it made it difficult to try to talk to them and ummm “network” after about an hour of hearing this, my buddy and I adopted the unofficial slogan “What would you do for an American Visa”? So the rest of the weekend was filled with more pictures, more inappropriate comments (mostly directed at each other) and 1€ beer. But the most lasting memory I will have has to me the moment I conquered my fear of the bidet. Believe me they are pretty scary and if you don’t get the water temperature just right, you are in for a rude awakening.

So what’s up next? School sponsored ski trip to Switzerland, Stockholm from the 20-23rd, Budapest for Christmas, and new years in Munich!


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