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HAPPY St. Patricks Day! March 17, 2008

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It’s been a while since I have taken the time to update you all on what I have been doing.  It’s not that I have been super busy or anything seeing that school has been out since mid January, but it is more like I sort of fell into a routine of not being motivated to do much of anything. Well that is not entirely true either.  Between the breaks I have successfully found an internship in Munich working for a company called Ciao.  They are Europe’s largest online shopping comparison website and have just launched a US division.  So needless to say that I will be working on the US website helping to get it up and running in terms of content development.  It is sort of funny, because as I was reviewing my goals that I set out for myself with regards to finding an internship, I realized that I really have only really accomplished one of the two. 

The first being finding an internship and moving to Munich which I am proud to announce from my balcony as I wear my standard navy issued flight suit “Mission Accomplished”.  However the second goal I set out for myself never really materialized.  Now I am sure all of you must be thinking it has to do with something with some sort of Eastern European hottie or something like that (BTW Mission Accomplished) but that is not what I am talking about.  Goal number two was to find an internship in a consulting firm and that one didn’t happen.  Not for any particular reason but the closest I got was a company telling me that from my resume and experience I appeared to be more suited for strategic planning instead of operational planning.  I have to admit I scratched my head on this one, now I know I think differently than most people but doesn’t it seem to follow that to be good at Operational planning you should also be good at  strategic planning? I mean how can you put things into action if you do not or can not see the big picture?  Defiantly weird, I knew I should have worn pants to the interview!  Relax people, it was a phone interview, but somehow I think they knew I wasn’t wearing any pants.  So where does this leave me, actually right where I need to be.  Although working for a consulting firm would have been amazing, I think that the skills and the experiences I am going to learn about content development and web site optimization is going to better for me in the long run and help me to get to my overall goal of working for a consulting firm.  Now the problem I face is actually finding a reasonable place to live in Munich before my job starts in two weeks. 

I want to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s day and happy Easter.  I am off to dye my hair green and start a 10 hour shift (5 of actual work and about 6 of drinking) pulling Guinness for the throngs of Germans who wonder why we drink green beer and what exactly the words to all those Rebel Irish songs mean (Go on Home British Soldiers Go on Home, Fuck off home!) and to perpetuate the myth that every Irish Bar in Germany is supported by the IRA. Coming Soon, My Irish German experiences or in the words of the Godfather “My kraut mick friend”.