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Trust me, I’m a Ninja? April 22, 2008

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Next week marks my one month anniversary at work well I wouldn’t really call it work. (If anyone from work has stumbled upon this JUST KIDDING). Anyhow, I haven’t had much time to update my blog because I have been taking the last few weekends off and going back and forth from Reutlingen trying to get all of my stuff. Let me just say, I have no freaking idea of how I am going to get all of this stuff home, All I know for sure is that I am going to be sending some home and then I am going to be buying a new suitcase. I guess I was a little idealistic thinking that I could get my entire stuff home in the one and a half bags that I brought with me. I still don’t internet at my house at the time of writing this so in order to be caught up, I am going to start writing them and saving them. Although I suppose that I could upload them at work but I just feel weird about this even though it doesn’t seem like work. So more importantly, why don’t I have internet, Well, it is because my roommate is a retard (if you are reading this, I am NOT JOKING). The problem is that even though he is an IDS (computer major) he seems to believe that the WI-FI key is something that each and every individual users of the router can use. Now let me say this, I am not the smartest person in the world, I think we can all agree on that but as many WI-FI networks I have put together and what not, you are always SUPPOSED to use the key that came with the router. I have even gone as far as to print out the instructions in German. How do I know I am translating them right? Let’s just say that I haven’t forgotten how to use a regular dictionary and besides you don’t need a dictionary to translate the pictures, well I guess if they were Egyptian hieroglyphics then you would need the Rosetta stone. So this apartment I live in has no individual house numbers so the only way that you get mail is by putting your name on the mail box out front. I need to ask him when he gets home the proper way of doing this because I am sure, like most things in Germany, if it is not done properly, they will take it down and “forget” to tell you that you need to re-do it. Let me just announce officially, the myth of German efficiency has officially been dispelled.

Last weekend I went to the Cann-Badstadt Fruelings fest or more precisely the spring beer festival. It was a good time, much smaller than the Oktoberfest but isn’t it always a party when you have a few of your closets 1000 friends stuffed together in a beer tent for 8 hours. What made this one so special was that pretty much all of the people that I went to school with last semester and who have internships in Germany travelled back for this fest. That is the ones that were not too faraway and could get back easily. There were about 50 of us overfilling three tables singing, dancing and drinking the night away. This is the point where I edit for content, my friend Ben asked me once why I edit for content and my answer has always been “what are you crazy, my mom reads this” have no fear, the pictures are worth latterly one thousand words. Just like the Volksfest, I wore my “trust me I’m a Ninja” t-shirt. I guess it’s sort of a tradition or more like that if I drink enough I might actually pull off some pretty sweet Ninja moves. My friend Barry’s sisters were over from Ireland just for the beer fest and they kept trying to get me to give them my shirt so they could take it back to Dublin. You guessed it, I didn’t. Why? Because when I bought it, the person I was with said they hated it and it seems to me that everyone I meet when I wear it loves it and wants it. Maybe I should add to the back of it in block letters “I told you so”.

On a side not, if you all read or have a bunch of blogs to keep track of like I do, I would suggest using Google reader. Once you get everything set up it automatically updates when ever someone posts a new blog entry and just makes it easier to keep track of everything. I guess I’ll just leave you all with one last thought that I have been thinking about the last few days. Would you really trust some one who was a ninja?


Munich and What Not

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I know I promised a blog entry about my Irish experiences in Germany but it has to be edited for content because honestly even though I am 30 years old there are certain stories that like classified government documents must remain sealed for 50 years. Wait, crap, that would make me 90 when I start to tell these stories and by then you can guarantee that 1. I won’t remember them how they happened or 2. All the details will finally be clear.

So I have had two weeks of work since coming to Munich. The first week was defiantly rough for me because I slept on the floors of one of my Irish friends and in true Tom Hank’s fashion in “Castaway” it is taking some time for me to get accustomed to sleeping in a proper bed again. Finding a place to live in Munich took longer than I had expected, I know it seems impossible that it was harder to find a place here than it is in San Diego, but it was. Luckily, I was able to find one. I suppose it is not too expensive, about 450 euros for everything included and at the current exchange rate I guess that equates to about 600 USD. The area I live in is called Schwabing, and it is a pretty central location, all the new clubs along with all the old school bars are with in a 15 minute walk, a pretty cool and eclectic place to be. The Englisher Garten, Europes largest public park is about a 20 minute walk. The park is bigger than Central Park in New York and in the summer it is clothing optional but somehow I’ll stick to the beaches of San Diego. I take the U-bahn (subway) to work and the stop is 48 steps from my front door (Yes, I actually counted them.) And then walk about 10 minutes to work. I haven’t figured out the bus to work, but if you miss it, it takes about the same amount of time to walk as wait for the next one. My roommate also has a dog, which I was so excited about, when I was talking to a friend of mine, I managed to say “I have a god and you don’t” which didn’t go over to well. I can’t imagine why…..It’s sort of weird here because in our whole building, there is only one washing machine and you have to reserve a time to use it and I swear the dryer down there is from the 40’s and will catch fire if I try to use it. I believe that the whole crappy dryer thing is promoted by the fabric softener business to buy more so that your clothes won’t be scratchy when they air dry. Or the fact that it’s their way to conserve energy. You chose but I am going with A. My roommate is an interesting guy for sure. He is from Istanbul, or is it Constantinople? And he studies Information Decision Making Systems. He doesn’t speak much English so I have to use my fabulous German skills to talk with him, and you guessed it, he dog doesn’t speak English either. He is still on holiday break so needless to say I am pretty jealous he can go out and what not in the evenings. Then again, when has working ever stopped me from doing the same? The second night I was here I awoke the next morning to find him and two Bulgarian girls in the kitchen making breakfast/dinner. I had thought that he had randomly meet these girls at the club and brought them home. Yahhhtzeeee !!! Nope, they were friends of his from school. To hear him tell it, most of his friends are foreigners here and he doesn’t have very many German friends. I think some of it has to do with the latent racism that the Germans have towards the Turks and the fact that the Germans are very hard people to get to know. It takes them awhile to make friends; I found that to be true last semester. I don’t think that of all the Germans I met, that I will be friends with them once I leave here. Then again I got to know only about 4 of them really well. The Irish on the other hand, I think we’ll be friends for ever.

Work is going well for me; I mean it is easy enough and somewhat interesting. I mean come on, all the databases we use are named after Harry Potter references and Wizards! Freaking Techies I swear. I think the one thing that I have found out so far, is that I need a job where I can actually interact with people. Although it is pretty cool having chat sessions about work and video conferences with the office that is in Romania. So the more I learn about websites and content development, the larger my virtual book of knowledge grows which is always a good thing. Blog entries might be a little sparse for the next few weeks due to the fact that working sort of keeps things under control and I also need to start to save some money. I get paid 600 euro a month and after rent and my monthly U-bahn card, I have a bout 100 left for food and what not and in the end of May, I will be looking for Private Ryan. Go ahead and try to work this one out…….Just kidding, my friends and I are renting a car and driving to Reims, Paris, and Normandy for a 4 day weekend. I can’t wait, it’s going to nothing short of Epic.