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A rally of the worst kind May 15, 2008

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I experienced my first Neo Nazi rally a few days ago. I didn’t specifically search it out, I more like stumbled up on it by accident. Actually it was really hard to miss it. I was on my way to a bar to see a friend of mine’s band play, as I walked out of the subway at MarienPlatz , the city center, there it was. There were about 12 people surrounded by police with banners and shouting hate messages in German. I couldn’t really tell if there were a lot of supporters in the crowd or not, but I did see a large Jewish crowed waving banners with the Star of David and numerous other people shouting obscenities (in German) back at them. I had wondered what the occasion was and then I remembered it was May 8th, Victory in Europe Day. Incidentally, the French have this day off as a national holiday and it is no big surprise that the Germans don’t celebrate it. Nazism is something that I do not associate with Munich even though it is considered the birth place of the movement. The first thing that I thought of when I surveyed the scene was that these people are bunch of retards. The second thought I had was of how young they were. If I had to put it at an estimate I would say they were in their 20’s. I could almost understand some senile old bastard who was drinking buddies with Adolf still thinking this way……… Almost.

To think about this objectively, there is no conceivable reason as to why their cause should make a comeback or even how they think that it could. I mean it is not 1936 with unemployment and inflation at an all time high. The German economy grew by 2.2 % last year and it is projected to grow at about the same rate for the next 5 years. Southern Germany, Bavaria particularly has one of the lowest unemployment rates and coupled with Baden Wurttemberg their exports count for almost half of all exports for the country. Germany is also one of the leading exporters in the EU. So what is the deal? There is a prevailing thought that with the influx of foreigners they are losing their Germanness. Honestly I don’t even know if this is a word but there is no other way to describe it. I can sort of see it from their perspective because every country in Europe is trying to hold on to its national identity and there has always been strong feelings of nationalism in Europe. Case in point, Great Britain, holding out of the EU because they are fearful of losing control over their affairs. Fair play my friend, fair play.

The immigration issues here run parallel to those of the United States and Mexico but as far as I know, San Diego has never been referred to the 3rd largest city in Mexico where as Berlin is referred to as the 3rd largest city in Turkey behind Istanbul and Ankara. Maybe it seems that these numbers are so large because we are dealing with a total population of about 80 million and not 230 million. However, news reports and articles written about the influx of younger criminals from the east and from foreign lands does not really do anything to curb these sentiments. Another reality is that you have two types of immigrants, the ones that come and learn the language and try to integrate into German society and those who come and don’t make an effort. Again you can see the symmetry with that of the U.S. immigration problem. It is hard to help solve the problem when both sides do not seem to want to compromise. Maybe this problem will all be solved when Turkey is finally admitted into the EU but that is still awhile away if not never going to happen because I feel like they (the Turkish government) do not have any interest in the EU besides the economic advantages.

About a month ago the train drivers called for a strike because they thought their current contracts were not good enough for them. Their over all complaint was that the economy is doing so well that they wanted their piece of it. Holy Crap! Are you serious, last time I checked Germany resembled a capitalist country and was not into wealth distribution for the masses. Keep pushing for that and the government is going to keep it all, sort of sounds like 1939 right? But I have to give it to the Germans, when they strike they warn you about it, have a half day warning strike, negotiate a deal, and then strike for just one day. German Efficiency, gotta love it. I know this is sort of a round about way from where I first started but I am coming to the end. So what is the solution for Germany and the rest of Europe that are wrestling with these very problems. The way I see it, they can abolish the EU and go back to the way it used to be looking out for their best interests politically and socially, maybe just keep the Euro because it makes sense for them economically right now. At the moment I sort of hate the Euro so maybe they should just get rid of it. The second option is to quit your snivel’n, look in the mirror, find some intestinal fortitude, make some compromises, man up and go get yours. But then again what do I know? In most of these Euros eyes I am related to G.W.


2 Responses to “A rally of the worst kind”

  1. RAGSdale Says:

    I would be curious to find out how many people equate GW to the modern day Hitler?

    You do bring up a good point thought about national identity. Having moved to AL I get to deal with those neo-nazi’s dumb witted half brothers that we like to call red-neck racist’s.

    I came here with all sorts of perception on the rebel flag and its origin – and to be honest, after living here I have realized that the rebel flag has no more connection to racism than what people outside of the south put on it. The people here look at the flag as a part of their history (albeit a dirty party) but they accept it and will be damned if you can take that from them – at that level, I can respect that.

    Granted the situations are different – but its interesting to see you dealing with this identity issue on an international level when I’m dealing with it on a national level =)

  2. Josh Green Says:

    Im not sure to be honest with you, but I have met alot of Euros who at first impressions think that all Americans are like GW.

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